5 Insipirational Kitchen Design Ideas

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Present day kitchens are changing in their designs, from less of a focus on tile floors to simpler designs. At Salt Kitchen and Bathrooms, we like to stay ahead of the trends so we can remain an industry expert for our clients. We’re seeing an embrace of a lot of great popular kitchen design and kitchen renovation ideas, so here’s a few to get inspired by.

Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

The New Kitchen Tradition: Simpler Design

Gone are the gaudy wallpaper and lush fittings, and in is the minimalist look. Today’s modern kitchens are embracing a simpler design, one that provides a more open space in conjunction with the other living spaces like the dining room and living room.

People are keeping their colour palettes neutral and flexible, which allows you to change smaller accents to suit your style or the times. Fixtures that flow with architectural lines are also becoming popular.

Functionality Has a Makeover

To go along with the simplistic movement in our kitchens today, there is more of a focus on functionality over form. The importance of ease of use trumps the importance of appearance, but doesn’t take over it. We supply a lot of Blum products, for example. Blum is changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function by including hydraulic, easy-close doors that fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button.

In addition, we’re thinking more about how we’re using space in the kitchens. Doubling up multi-tiered drawers for storage of things you use everyday is a great way to remove the clutter from the benchtops.

Automation is Here

Kitchens today are starting to incorporate automation in all new ways. A simple start to the trend of the future is to go for hands-free faucets, which help cooks with dirty hands or children who can’t yet reach the handle.

Other great automation technology for the kitchen includes meat thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is ready and sensor activated lights that turn off when the kitchen isn’t in use.

Bring the Inside Out and Vice Versa

Indoor-outdoor flow is a big one to hit kitchens in 2016, and if you live in Perth, you’re perfectly poised to reap the benefits of the weather with a kitchen like this. Some great ways to incorporate indoor-outdoor flow into your kitchen are to open up the space to the outside, either with large windows or with large glass sliding doors that connect to a patio or garden. If connecting to the patio, one way to create a blur of the lines is to continue the same flooring from outside to in. Choose something natural, like round stone or timber.

Go Commercial Grade

If you’re one who likes to cook, going commercial grade will allow you to maximise space for cooking while having the best appliances at your fingertips. Stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, stoves and exhausts will give you a clean, modern and professional look.

Looking for more inspiration for popular kitchen design ideas?

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