5 Kitchen Design Trends to take off in 2016

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Each year brings with it new home design trends in the bathroom or kitchen or garden.  If you’re one to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you might be keeping your eye out for the latest kitchen decorating ideas that are surfacing in Australian kitchens. If you’re planning on getting a custom kitchen designs or renovation done to improve your Perth home and your lifestyle, here are a few new kitchen design trends to inspire you.

Modern and Open

A big trend that’s taking off in Australian kitchens is to fully integrate the space with the dining and living areas. The idea behind this modern design is to create an open space that flows seamlessly and fluidly between common rooms, giving you more room and fewer barriers. If your home doesn’t have a lot of space, to begin with, knocking down some walls makes it seem much more spacious. And if you have small children, this allows you to keep more of an eye on them as they play.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

The indoor-outdoor flow is making a hit in every aspect of the home, but it happens to work extremely well in the kitchen. This new flow that’s emerging strongly in 2016 and hitting Perth homes everywhere is a design trend that blurs the lines between inside and out. One way to achieve this look and feel is to combine that open, modern outfit with either large glass sliding doors to an outdoor space or perhaps floor to ceiling windows. You want to be able to let in plenty of light and allow for both easy access and a good view to the outside.

Some other ways to achieve this look in the kitchen involve outfitting with natural materials, such as timber or stone. Throw in some greenery like hanging or potted plants, and you’ve got yourself a flow.

Timeless Designs

2016 is looking towards the future with latest kitchen design ideas in Perth, by coming up with timeless designs that allow for flexibility in the future. Going for a white palette with timber highlights will give you a clean, modern and warm look that promotes a calming feeling and will accommodate change over time.

If you want to add a splash of colour, try incorporating a beautiful tile design in easy areas, like the sink splashback.

Storage is Key

Like a commercial kitchen, 2016 Perth kitchen trends are leaning towards streamlined storage solutions so that everything has a place and is within reach. This allows for easier movement and less clutter. Integrated workstations behind doors, for example, are providing an easily accessible hideaway for frequently used appliances so you can keep your bench tops free.

Light It Up

Don’t forgo any lighting when it comes to your kitchen. The strategic use of pendant lighting where interesting materials are highlighted, such as metallic, coloured glass or matte ceramic, is hitting the scene. You can also use pendant lighting in a cluster arrangement, which can provide an interesting effect if you use different colours, materials or tones.

Lighting underneath overhead cabinetry, inside the pantry or any other task lighting is also getting popular.

Interested in knowing new trends for your kitchen design or renovation in Perth?

Design trends constantly evolving and sometimes those ideas do not align with your personal needs. However, the team of  Salt Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Perth happy to work out the best kitchen design ideas to reflect your personal style. Call or today for a no-obligation consultation.


salt kitchens and bathrooms