Adding space, lights and style to your bathroom

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A bathroom is a place that you want to spend time in and enjoy being in. After all, a bathroom is probably the most frequented room in the house. If your bathroom is small and drab, spruce it up by finding creative ways to add space, lights and style.

Salt Kitchen and Bathrooms provides high quality and affordable kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth, so we are constantly coming up with bathroom design ideas to improve your bathroom space.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

Light From Above

Adding a skylight to your bathroom is a great way to open up space and bring in some natural light while still maintaining privacy. This will also give you the illusion of having a sky-high ceiling, which will stifle any claustrophobic feelings.

Don’t Block Any Windows

If your bathroom has one of the precious windows located in the shower, don’t block out any natural light with dingy shower curtains or something similar. It’s time to upgrade your shower to enhance the light, and this means perhaps opting for clear glass doors rather than a curtain.

Create Illusions With Mirrors

Mirrors are great for enhancing existing space and light. Placing mirrors opposite windows, for example, will give the illusion that the bathroom is much larger than it is, while at the same time magnifying the natural light in the room.
If you have a bathtub, placing a large mirror over the tub also creates the illusion of a larger space.

Continue Tile Into Shower

Changing materials as you move from the floor to the shower floor disrupts the flow of the space. To make the room appear larger, try running the same tile right into the shower.

Consider Your Colour Palette

Add a bit of light and space to your bathroom with a strategic colour palette. Neutral colours are best to make your bathroom feel calm and look lovely. This neutral palette should form the base theme of your bathroom, and from there you can create some depth and add creativity by utilising pops of colour, contrasting textures and interesting patterns.

Function is the New Form

A modern look that we’re seeing a lot of is the move towards a more bold display of function as the form. In other words, minimalism in bathrooms is big now, and it’s saving space. So ditch any gaudy vanities or large toilets and go instead for a long, thin sink base with no cabinetry and a wall-hung toilet.

Storage is Everything

If you have a small bathroom, you have to be creative about storage. Shelving helps a lot because it doesn’t take up any floor space. Recessed shelving is even better because it doesn’t really take up much wall space, either. Place shelving and storage in convenient places so that you learn to put your things away rather than store them on the countertops or sink base. Add strategic towel racks above the bathtub or hanging against a wall to save space.

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