Thinking of remodelling your bathroom? Don’t spend a cent until you’ve read this.

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Bathroom renovations can be quite complicated, and expensive. If you start spending money without doing your research, you will very quickly find yourself overwhelmed and over budget. It’s best to get expert advice and guidance before committing to possible major costs. Luckily, at Salt, we help you from start to finish and give you the bathroom you desire all while staying within a budget and timeline.

Before you go splashing your cash on your bathroom renovation, here’s what you should do:

Do the Prep Work

Preparing for a bathroom renovation is a crucial step. Research your heart out and have a look at other bathroom ideas for inspiration. Look beyond colours and tiles. Consider your preferences in lighting, storage, placement of electrical outlets and any luxury products or appliances you might like added within the build. These things are much easier to install during a renovation, so plan carefully and plan well, so there are no regrets at the end of the renovation.

Check Your Timeline

Even if you choose to have bathroom renovators handle your renovation, it’s important to work together on a timeline. If you only have one bathroom in the house, it pays to be prepared for the short times when the bathroom may be unavailable. You’ll also need to factor in time to choose your fixtures, tiles and colours and you may need to get council approval if an expansion to the room is taking place. You may want your bathroom finished before an upcoming holiday, like Christmas, so careful planning and sticking to a timeline will ensure things are ready in time.

Consider Hidden Problems

Depending on how old your current bathroom is, you may encounter some hidden problems that will mean more work than expected will need to be done during the renovation. Look for hints such as water damage, creaks or uneven flooring as this may require a little extra work after the demolition stage. The main thing is that at the end of it, your bathroom not only looks amazing, but is fully functional and well-built structurally, so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Talk to an Expert

At Salt Kitchens + Bathrooms, we are the Perth experts in designing and creating new bathrooms. Before you start spending money on your bathroom, come to talk to us! As our client, we will guide you through the project from start to finish with our hand-picked team of the finest bathroom specialists in Perth. We know how to stick to a budget and timeline so you can enjoy your beautiful, indulgent bathroom as soon as possible. Contact us today to find out more.


salt kitchens and bathrooms