Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re looking for new bathroom design ideas, look no further. Here, we’ve put together some bathroom renovation advice and inspiration. But don’t worry if you can’t find what you need – imply contact our bathroom makeover team in Perth to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

The role of tiles in bathroom design

Tiles have come a long way. Today, they come in many different sizes and finishes: glass, wood-look, porcelain, ceramic, textured and metallics. Consider the look you’re after. Do you want the tiles to be the feature of your bathroom? Or are they a background element within your new bathroom design?

Bathroom colour inspiration

Looking for some colour inspiration for your new bathroom? When renovating, it makes sense to take your time choosing your colour scheme – colours are vital in creating a suitable mood for the room.

Are you going for a contemporary look? Perhaps a traditional look – Federation or Victorian? Consider the materials that reflect the style you’re aiming for, as well as the colours, and make sure you’re consistent in your colour selection across every design element within your new bathroom:

  • Vanity and storage
  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Tile size and colour, including feature tiling
  • Styles of mirrors and screens
  • Accessories such as towels, candles and ornaments

If you would like some help putting all these elements together, contact our new bathroom design team for some remodelling advice. Our clients have access to our in-house colour consultant, which makes choosing the right colour palette for your new bathroom easy.

Plumbing fixtures: Improving the functional

There are so many fixtures out there, the choice can be daunting, especially when you consider everything from tapware and showers to baths and accessories. Before you make any design decisions, think about:

  • The shape of your tapware – contemporary or traditional
  • Water efficiency – an increasingly important factor in good bathroom design
  • Ease of cleaning – some materials will be easier to clean (and keep clean) than others
  • Bathroom design accessories

Accessories can transform a new bathroom, turning a great bathroom into an exceptional one. There are all sorts of options to consider:

  • Towel rails – single, double, towel ladders, towel racks, etc
  • Shower shelves – ideal for storing all those bottles of shampoos and shower gels
  • Dispensers – for shower gels, shampoos and conditioners
  • Soap dish holders, toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders
  • Heating for your new bathroom

Heating is often an overlooked factor in new bathroom design, but can be essential in those chilly winter months. Consider your options before you start improvinf the interior of your property:

  • Underfloor heating – discreet and effective
  • Combination fans – available in a range of different sizes and finishes
  • Towel rails – various styles and sizes, with different wattage options
  • Talk to our bathroom design consultants for specialist advice on this key issue.

Lighting: Making your new bathroom design shine

Lighting in a bathroom is very important, both from a practical standpoint and in terms of creating a suitable mood. First, consider how much natural light your bathroom will have once you’ve completed your renovating project. Then think about some subtle task lighting for specific areas.

Effective lighting above vanities is very important and there are various options: star lights, pendant lighting, cabinetry lighting and wall lighting.

Renovating your bathroom with space in mind

When considering the design of your new bathroom, consider the amount of storage that you require and the best way to maximise space. For instance, consider relocating plumbing to achieve more space, or floating vanities that give the illusion of space – the more floor you can see, the bigger the room feels.

Likewise, concealed cisterns give a streamlined look, while frameless screens and mirrors make the room feel bigger, with a seamless appearance that you can complement with an undermounted basin.

For one-on-one advice on lighting and more, contact our new bathroom design and renovation team in Perth to arrange a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, find out more about our kitchen and bathroom renovation and installation services, or check out our blogs to get more bathroom design ideas, tips and tricks.

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