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Salt Kitchens and Bathrooms is your one-stop shop for custom bathroom designs in Perth. If you are at the planning stage of a bathroom renovation or remodelling, we can provide all the services you need.


Custom Bathroom Must-Haves

Every home has its own particular needs, style, and decor preferences. The only way to really get what you want in a bathroom design is to get a custom design made specifically for your home.

Our Bathroom Gallery covers a broad range of different bathroom designs and layouts. You’ll notice a variety of features in each bathroom that were designed, constructed and installed according to our client’s preferences.

Now the really good news – you can have any bathroom design custom made and we can do it for you. What sort of bathroom would you really like to have in your home? Just ask us.


Bathroom Design Ideas- Browse our latest bathroom renovation projects

Browse our Bathroom Gallery and see some of our latest custom bathroom design work.

How to Get Your Dream Custom Bathroom

Imagine your dream bathroom:

  • Is it a large and spacious bathroom?
  • Does it have all the very latest amenities, like a spa, Jacuzzi and more?
  • Is it a real designer bathroom, boasting all the fabulous features and the very latest design trends?

For all of this and more, simply tell us what you want. Our expert bathroom renovators in Perth will create a design with all the features you want.

Bathroom Design Consultation

Salt Kitchens and Bathrooms is your one-stop shop for bathroom design:

  • Explore our Bathroom Gallery and Bathroom Design Ideas pages
  • Call us, speak to one of our consultants, and discuss your design ideas.

We’ll create the perfect bathroom design and give you a quote for the renovation job.

If that sounds good to you, come and explore our Bathroom Gallery and see all the different features and design ideas. Notice the tiles, layouts, storage spaces, and other useful design options.

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For more information, call us on 08 9456 2700 or contact us online and speak directly to our experts. Ask us for any advice, design help, or technical assistance in need. We’re happy to help.