Here are a few of the most common questions and queries we receive about bathroom designs and renovations. If your question isn’t answered below, the Salt Kitchens and Bathrooms experts are here to help. Visit our showroom or get in touch today.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How long will my bathroom be out of action?

We can’t give an exact timeframe because each custom design is different. A renovation may require more or less time depending on the scope of the work required. Renovations don’t usually take very long. Even a full makeover may only put your bathroom out of action for a short while. If you require onsite facilities, we can organise an en suite bathroom for you for the duration of the renovation work.

  • What is the average cost of a standard bathroom renovation?

The final cost will depend on the nature of the work required. Costs for custom bathroom designs may vary depending on the different designs, materials and new fittings needed. We provide an upfront quote for each job, so you’ll be fully informed of all the costs for your renovation. Salt Kitchens and Bathrooms strives to work within your budget, providing a premium finish at a price you can afford.

  • Do we have a site manager?

We have a dedicated site manager for each job. They are responsible for coordinating all of the sub-contractors and guiding your renovation from start to completion. Your site manager will be onsite every day of the project, keeping you fully informed and answering your questions.

  • Do I get a plan for my renovation?

Yes. We provide you with CAD drawings for your renovations, covering all plan details. Each CAD drawing includes your floor plan, site plan elevations, plumbing and electrical plans, and 3D views. Your drawings and plans will provide a useful reference for all work and an accurate visualisation of your renovations.

Need to Talk to An Expert about Your Perth Bathroom Renovations?

We hope you’ve found these answers helpful. If you have other questions or you’d like to discuss your bathroom remodelling design options, just call us and speak to one of our experts. We’ll be able to help with design, layout, practical onsite amenities, and all the features you want for your bathroom. Call 08 9456 2700 or contact us online.

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