Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home renovations today. That’s because the kitchen is the one place where you can wine, dine and entertain while feeling truly at home. It’s an important area of the home to have ease of use in, as well as being the stylish hub of any open plan … Read more

Bathroom renovations can be quite complicated, and expensive. If you start spending money without doing your research, you will very quickly find yourself overwhelmed and over budget. It’s best to get expert advice and guidance before committing to possible major costs. Luckily, at Salt, we help you from start to finish and give you the … Read more

Older kitchens can be rather difficult to renovate properly and definitely need to be done by a professional. A good renovation will be able to problem solve the area, remove any old fittings and appliances and create a better kitchen space that is user friendly, beautiful and much more cost-effective. Not only will you have … Read more

When you consider that the space in your home that people often spend the most time in is the kitchen, you can understand why it’s one of the first areas of the home people dream to renovate. Kitchen upgrades can also be very necessary as kitchens become outdated, or a family grows and storage and/or … Read more

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you might be thinking that a DIY flat pack kitchen could be a suitable option, and the low cost of it may seem tempting. However, it’s important to note that every kitchen space is unique. Your needs and preferences are also different too. There’s also the risk that … Read more

Renovating your bathroom can be both exciting, and daunting. Bathroom renovations require a lot of careful planning and the existing plumbing needs to be taken into account, as well as what your priorities are for your new space. Do you want a beautiful spa bath in your updated bathroom? Perhaps you’d love some extra storage … Read more

The open floor plan has been widely embraced in modern households, reflecting a change in the way we use our spaces.  Open plan living creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, permitting a range of activities to take place in a communal space. But despite its popularity, there are some drawbacks to consider. Let’s take a … Read more

Planning on renovating your bathroom in the near future? While bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms in your house, there’s a lot that goes into them to make them function. After all, we use them for so many things every day. When there is a bathroom renovation, various tradespeople need to coordinate efficiently … Read more

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A bathroom is a place that you want to spend time in and enjoy being in. After all, a bathroom is probably the most frequented room in the house. If your bathroom is small and drab, spruce it up by finding creative ways to add space, lights and style. Salt Kitchen and Bathrooms provides high … Read more

Present day kitchens are changing in their designs, from less of a focus on tile floors to simpler designs. At Salt Kitchen and Bathrooms, we like to stay ahead of the trends so we can remain an industry expert for our clients. We’re seeing an embrace of a lot of great popular kitchen design and … Read more

The home improvement revolution has made interior designers of us all. We now have the freedom to create spaces that closely reflect our personality, values, and day to day lifestyle needs, and this goes for every corner of the home. But hold it there a moment. Have you overlooked the laundry? If you have, you … Read more

Bathrooms are a place for rejuvenation, where attention to detail can create a wonderful area for time out. Whatever your personal grooming style, your bathroom is a place that should work for you. If clear surfaces and monochromatic palettes set the tone for self-care, that’s what you should have. If you like to prepare for … Read more

Small spaces are a common feature in contemporary homes, with many people choosing compact living and cosier dwellings. But small doesn’t need to mean cramped. Places like kitchens work best when they are operating at maximum efficiency. Storage, access, appliance performance and a sense of order mean great things can take place. If your kitchen … Read more

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