Do’s and don’ts for bathroom renovations

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Renovating your bathroom can be both exciting, and daunting. Bathroom renovations require a lot of careful planning and the existing plumbing needs to be taken into account, as well as what your priorities are for your new space. Do you want a beautiful spa bath in your updated bathroom? Perhaps you’d love some extra storage or some high-end fixtures to really bring out the luxurious, indulgent feel of the room?

Before you go jumping straight into renovating your bathroom, consider our handy dos and don’ts:

DO Talk to a Professional

Before you choose anything to do with your bathroom renovation, you should seek some guidance from a professional. Those who are in the industry such as a builder or plumber will offer you advice on what you can/can’t do and they will also provide valuable advice on aesthetics to suit your tastes in terms of a colour palette, style of fittings and more.

DO Consider Your Budget

One of the biggest mistakes a renovator makes is blowing their budget. Once you have spoken to a professional you will be able to assess your needs and wants while factoring in your budget. When you have a better idea of what you can afford, speak to a professional renovator who can bring your ideas to fruition within the spend you want.

DO Think About the Future

Before you go all out and install that heated toilet seat, you will want to consider the benefits of some of your choices in the future. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, or expand your family at the moment, there’s always a chance it might happen. You’ll feel better when it does if you’ve renovated your bathroom into something that will not only boost the selling price of your house, but will also allow you to accommodate a growing home in the future.

DON’T Attempt to DIY

No matter how clever you think you might be at building and renovating, when it comes to bathrooms – it’s simply not a good idea. Waterproofing needs to be done by a professional and if you choose to do it yourself, not only are you risking serious damage to your bathroom, your insurance will also be void so you’ll have to cough up the extra money for repairs yourself. Hiring a professional would be much more cost effective for you now, and into the future.

DON’T Be Inflexible

Your initial choices may need to be altered if you had your heart set on fixtures that aren’t up to Australian Standards, or your old pipe work needs updating, meaning you’ll need to adjust your budget. Be flexible about changing your initial ideas to suit what’s appropriate for your home.

Get it Right with Salt Kitchens + Bathrooms

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salt kitchens and bathrooms