How to Maximise Space in the Kitchen

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Small spaces are a common feature in contemporary homes, with many people choosing compact living and cosier dwellings. But small doesn’t need to mean cramped. Places like kitchens work best when they are operating at maximum efficiency. Storage, access, appliance performance and a sense of order mean great things can take place. If your kitchen is feeling more cramped than cosy, even a small-scale renovation could completely transform your working space. Here are some key ways to maximise the space you have in your kitchen.

Maximising Space  for your Kitchen – Here’s some tips!

Maximise Corners and Overlooked Spaces

If you have bench top corners that are cluttered with appliances you rarely use, consider installing some open shelving. This will bring the usable space out from the wall, making it a great place to display your favourite pieces.

Hooks and Wall Mounts

Hanging pots look marvellous and create a classic continental feel in the kitchen. Hanging them frees up cupboard space and makes them easily accessible. Magnetic knife racks are also an efficient way to store knives and can be easily installed. Slim, open shelving can also be added to unused wall areas that are out of the way of things, opening up extra space at arm’s reach.

Corner Draw Systems

Choose shelving systems that live inside your cupboards to increase kitchen storage. Simple structures such as the Half Moon Lazy Susan can be installed inside corner draws to maximize the space and make it much more accessible.

Under the Sink

Making use of every available space, especially for storage of cleaning products, keeps the kitchen clear. You could also use the space beneath your sink to house a recycling bin, or organic and general waste bins.

Appliance Cupboards

Put appliances away when they’re not in use to keep the bench space clear. Built-in appliance cupboards are also popular for keeping dishwashers, microwave ovens and coffee makers from taking up extra space. Purchasing smaller, more efficient appliances will also save on space and energy use.

Rolling Cart for Food Prep

If your space is particularly small, you can use a rolling cart as extra bench space. Simply roll it away when you’re done and reclaim the space.

Less Handles Means More Space

Consider an upgrade to push touch drawers.

Make Your Benches Multitask

A small island bench that doubles as a dining table is a great way to maximize space and flow in a small kitchen. One-half of the island bench can also operate as a work desk.

Make Your Kitchen Uniquely Yours

Smaller spaces mean integrating the segments of your life and allowing them to peacefully co-exist. Many of us already live this way and are drawn to the kitchen as a place to chat while chopping, listen to music, or even dash off a few work ideas while stirring the pot. Since it is your home, looking at space in less conventional ways can open your eyes to remodelling possibilities that really work for your lifestyle.

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