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The Davies’ came to SALT seeking a more modern way of living. While they loved their home and its location, the 1980s interior brick design felt firmly rooted in the past. They were looking for something stylish to bring them into the current day. Deciding to stay in an area they loved, they opted to renovate their living and kitchen space, creating something that suited their lifestyle better. Our clients came ready to design an updated and cohesive interior that was lighter, brighter and more accessible.

To create contemporary cohesion and a lighter and brighter area across both the kitchen and living space, we plastered its face brick throughout. Our design brought a huge visual change to the room. All floor treatments were removed and retiled; to update the adjoining staircase a glass and stainless steel design was incorporated. We also addressed the soundproofing issues they faced living so close to a major road, replacing their windows throughout with EGlass, immediately making their home more livable.

This light and bright outlook carried through to the kitchen. Formerly brick, the now sleek white space transformed into a place where family and friends could enjoy each other’s company. The Davies are big coffee drinkers so the coffee nook was integral to their kitchen renovation. It needed to be accessible, but when guests were over could simply tuck away. To achieve this we used SALT’s innovative pocket door design, providing the Davies with a space saving alternative to swinging cabinet doors. This hidden coffee nook, as well as soft-touch cabinetry (with no handles) fitted their minimalistic design goals.

A standout for SALT was modernising an existing feature our clients loved. The battened timber ceiling was a head turning touch that won them over at purchase. Instead of removing it and taking away the character of the area, we took to updating it. We replaced the dulling, aging 1980s timber with stylish Glosswood timber. The transformation was breathtaking.

To reach their ideal outcome, the Davies’ understood the benefits of communicating. Because the design and renovation timeline was so short (only a few months) design challenges needed to be met with an open and willing nature which our clients took on wholeheartedly.  This cohesive and enjoyable process resulted in a transformational renovation, reinvigorating the meaning behind their ‘forever’ home.

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salt kitchens and bathrooms