The Counsels

Functional spaces that seamlessly integrate

salt kitchens and bathrooms


subiaco custom kitchen to restore heritage home

The Counsels loved their period home. Located in the leafy streets of Subiaco, it was a beautiful reflection of a 1940s cottage from the outside, but on the inside its retro design was struggling to meet their needs as a busy family of four. The Counsels came to SALT seeking a bathroom, kitchen and laundry to better suit a growing family. With a clear vision and a solid design idea in mind, they sought bigger, brighter and more functional spaces that would seamlessly integrate into family life and their period designed home.

We knew we had to get it just right. Over a three month design period we finessed every detail, ensuring everything from the layouts to fixtures were perfectly attuned to their vision. These included profiling to the cabinetry doors, fluting to the cabinetry, decorative cornices to the ceilings, lighting, stone benchtop profiles, tapware selections. All were integral in the final look. The build also required creating a better flow through the house. Moving doorways and wall removals were essential to make their home more functional but it also came with its challenges. Period homes are often filled with old building quirks, and this home was no different. Where room features may not have originally been square or floor levels not ‘true’, we had to account for and blend these discrepancies into the new design.


Our clients are a family who like to cook and wanted their kitchen to be a place they could congregate. We set out to open the kitchen’s original separate design to the rest of the home, increasing storage space and allowing for more functionality. To achieve maximum cabinet storage without it looking too heavy we installed glass cabinetry and shelving to the high ceilings, lit with LED downlights filling them with a warm glow. Modern day appliances including multiple ovens, integrated and state of the art appliances were also incorporated into the design.


Two growing kids means more laundry. It demands a better functioning space to grow into. Yet with the laundry directly off the kitchen it was important to create a look that was beautiful, spacious and bright. With this in mind our sleek renovation delivered a more nimble use of the room. Features included a custom designed space saving bench to sit above the washing machine and dryer, and bricking up an existing window to allow for more cabinetry and storage.

custom bathroom renovation to modernise old home Perth


The Counsels wanted a bathroom for their two children that doubled as a guest bathroom. Storage, as well as a double vanity, was essential. Removing the window provided the space for a walk in shower, while the client’s existing skylight still floods the light with room. From the splashback to the cornices and fixtures, even the finest details were accounted for so it stayed true to its period look, while modern features such as heated floors offered a secret modern touch.

Over a six week renovation period the Counsels continued to live in their home as we brought their dream to life. Respectfully and with care, we worked with them to ensure they could continue to live their life around us. The result was a successful and stunning renovation that harmoniously blended with its existing period surrounds.


salt kitchens and bathrooms