The Millsteads

Transforming an old kitchen into a vibrant, social space.

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open kitchen design with breakfast bar and stools

The Millsteads came to us wanting to update their inherited family home’s outdated kitchen, integrating it into their living area. They craved a space to experience more real life moments, rich with day-to-day family interactions; this had to become a kitchen they could build rituals around, whether that looked like breakfast with the kids or entertaining over a glass of wine.

To create an accessible, social space, we needed to get to know the family. Briefing hinged on understanding their wants and needs, and how they intended to use their kitchen. From here a forward thinking, open plan design was formed. By removing half walls and strategically adding a skylight, we flooded the new large kitchen bench area with natural light.

Getting to this successful result depended on building strong and trusting relationships. The Millsteads felt confident taking our advice on the best course of action because every element was precisely accounted for. When there was a more effective way to accommodate their integrated lifestyle requirements, they were open and willing to invest the time and the money. A great example is our relocation of the air conditioning. Bringing light into the new central living area was essential, yet the most effective place for this light required us to relocate the existing air conditioning system. While the project cost increased, the investment created a striking visual centrepiece as we positioned the new skylight directly above the kitchen island.

The result speaks volumes. Our reassuring end-to-end process gave the Millstead’s confidence to be bolder with design, pattern and texture resulting in a stunning on-trend space. Their openness to take on our design suggestions built a kitchen that wasn’t only lifestyle-flexible but timelessly chic.

kitchen design with white benchtop breakfast bar


salt kitchens and bathrooms