SALT kitchen and bathrooms undertook our kitchen renovation in July/August 2016.

We chose them to do the job as we were impressed with the quality of the displays and the time devoted by Heath and Michelle to get it right for us from the outset.

Our intuition proved to be well founded; the materials were of the best quality and the cabinet installer, Josh and his offsider were polite, hardworking and conscientious. Other trades also went out their way to mesh with our own arrangements such as the renovation of the original wooden floor, and ensure that things went smoothly.

As with any such project there are always some issues, but it is how those issues are resolved that is that separate the chaff from the wheat. SALT stepped up to the plate admirably handling and correcting the problems with little fuss and no delay.

We were very pleased with SALT and the completed kitchen, but we had yet to see the best of what this company will do to keep their client happy.

Unfortunately for us we returned from a holiday shortly after the kitchen was finished to find an unrelated water leak had caused significant damage to the new kitchen.

The damage was insured and we asked SALT to undertake the repairs. They took on the job with all the care of it being a new project. At one point we had seven tradesmen in the kitchen to ensure that no further damage was caused while replacing what was required.

It was clear that SALT pulled out all the stops and took every care possible. The fact they completed the repairs which put the kitchen back to new with no visible indication that anything had happened is once again testimony to their tradesman’s experience and pride of workmanship.

As a society we are quick to complain when things go wrong, and so we perhaps should, but we should also applaud those who do the right thing and go about their business with a professional air and grace that is sometimes lacking these days.

We would recommend that everyone has SALT in their kitchen, without a doubt.