A summary of Engagement of Salt for Renovation of our Kitchen.

Initially, our requirement was for a complete renovation of cupboards and appliances originally installed in our kitchen when our house was built in 1985.

We were advised of Salt by our friends who had in recent times engaged Salt to attend to kitchen or bathroom renovations. The comments received, followed by an inspection of a renovated kitchen, led us to contact and enter into discussion with Salt.

From our initial call to Salt in mid-April to handover in mid-August 2016 we experienced the following;
Relaxed and unpressured discussion at our house, for Salt to hear our requirements, followed by the process of receiving their proposals with ample time for us to assess same and where necessary to request minor changes to suit our particular needs.

In the early stage relaxed visits to their elaborate showrooms where we could site various options of pantrys, drawers, cupboards and associated mechanisms along with a wide range of samples, colours, finishes and styles. During such visits most informative consultation with dedicated Staff to eventually finalise our selections.

Our kitchen-family unit consisted of varying wall finishes such as plastered walls and exposed brickwork, concrete and timber beam supported ceilings all of the 1980’s era. The service provided was extended to include new ceilings with improved lighting and a novel mix of plastered walls and exposed brickwork.

We were required to purchase all appliances and arrange delivery to Salt workshops. In this way we had freedom of choice in selection of Brand and type of appliance to suit our needs and at our cost advantage.

On completion of design Salt provided a dedicated Supervisor along with a detailed day by day program for the site works. The Supervisor maintained daily contact and forewarned us of which Trade would attend, the time of attendance and expected duration for the item of work to be carried out.

The team of specialised Tradesmen were most caring in attending to their part of the works, courteous, most particular with construction methods and always maintained a clean working area.

At handover, we gained a well designed and built practical kitchen layout of pleasant decor, along with new ceilings with efficient lighting and a unique blend between new plastered areas and original exposed brickwork.

In conclusion we can confirm that the endorsement we received from our Friends was “spot on”. Our only regret being that we had not proceeded at an earlier time.