Our kitchen appeared to enjoy what they were doing and certainly cleaned up any rubbish before leaving.

We would say that two groups who would have got pleasure of seeing our faces shine at the end would have been the cabinetmakers and the SALT site manager; they were there for the final clean and polish, to test the plumbing, turn on the lights.

SALT not only produced a beautiful kitchen but more importantly one that functions, no more searching for things in the back of a cupboard, no more moving one thing to get to another. No longer did I double that all the items we had could be fitted into the new drawers.

Helen and I were sitting back one night after the kitchen was completed and repacked, one of us mentioned that this was truly a kitchen you always saw in somebody else’s home. For this we thank the SALT Kitchens and Bathrooms team for all the care and effort they put into the job.