It was a big decision for me to update my bathrooms and I was quite anxious about it, not the least because of the many horror stories I had heard about renovating. I chose to get a quotation from SALT because they were highly recommended by a couple I met over dinner.

It was clear from the outset, that I had made the right choice of company. Heath was friendly and professional, a great communicator. He talked me through the options and was upfront about the costs. All stages of the project were clearly outlined and the costings sent through promptly.

The selection process was made easy by the wonderfully talented Sue, who guided us effortlessly towards a vision of the end product. There is a bewildering array of products to choose from, so having a skilled professional to assist was incredibly valuable. As the plans took shape and choices were made, the documentation and costings were promptly revised and sent.

In the construction phase, Mark from SALT supervised the project. I felt confident to move out of the house and receive regular updates about progress, via phone calls and sms. Mark always called as arranged. He sent photographs and talked me through any decisions that needed to be made. The work was clearly in very competent hands.

This project has been a joy. The results are faultless; the attention to detail is impeccable. Everyone who has seen the bathrooms admires the quality of the workmanship. The bathrooms also suit my house and reflect who I am.

I highly recommend SALT to anyone considering bathroom renovations. I am looking forward to working with the team at SALT again, when I am ready to update my kitchen and laundry.