Mark our site supervisor, your work ethic and calm cool-hand-Luke approach has been greatly appreciated by both Jayne and myself. You have without fail kept in constant contact with me on a daily basis. You have without fail responded in a positive and customer orientated manner on every occasion I have spoken or met with you (and you have always been on time). You and your calm cool professionalism to doing a great project is both a credit and affirmation of excellence to you and Salt, they are lucky to have you in their employ.

I procrastinated for nearly two years because of my concern about the job being done to both my satisfaction and to a standard I would continue to enjoy for many years to come. It’s a nervous decision to spend so much money on one single project. I had half a dozen quotations done by various companies, visited and looked at more show rooms, bathroom suppliers and tile suppliers than I thought possible.

But choosing Salt was my one great decision and neither Mark nor Salt (Heath & Sue) have failed in meeting our expectations of what the final outcome should or could be, it is all that it could be. Limited space with little room to be creative, but between our dreams and your execution we have arrived at a fantastic outcome!

I also could not say nice words without including the trades you employ, they were polite, courteous and considerate, mindful of the importance of us the client and our expectations. Yet I found the best conduit was Mark our site supervisor, want a solution call Mark, have a question call Mark, how simple that made the process for me and if you asked me what was the most important part of the ensuite renovation was, well that’s simple,Mark!

It is hard to believe we actually, after two years in demo state, have an ensuite again, and not just any ensuite but an ensuite that would be right at home in a property worth much much more than our place. We have gone from a 1998 ensuite to a five star holiday resort ensuite that will stand the test of time for a long time to come.