I know Steven has already indicated to you our high satisfaction with Salt’s work.

I would like to add my personal thanks not only for a marvellous result for our new bathroom, guided by the creative expertise of Heath and the ever patient Sue, but also for the professional, responsive and friendly manner of executing the outcomes.

It’s no doubt a bit of a long haul bringing novices like Steven and me to the realisation of what is available and what might work best. The Brick wall was a curly one, with measured responses from Heath as we flip flopped on next steps. As for the hardware, Sue cleverly put a handful of suggestions to us for each item, over a realistic period, so as not to overwhelm us with choices. She obviously had us worked out pretty early, which is very much appreciated.

Then there is the tricky business of working inside a person’s home, often as family members are trying to race out the door to work etc. Mark’s updating and responsive texting, regular visits, his openness to query and suggestion, and the excellent calibre of the tradies chosen, made up a tapestry of excellent customer service.

Finally, you pulled no punches when it came to prices and costs. It was clear throughout what we were up for, and there were no smokes and mirrors.

Great job guys!!

We simply have no complaints and we will be delighted to recommend Salt whenever the opportunity arises.