In late 2016 Salt K&B completely renovated our ensuite.  We love the neutral tiling and open shower and especially the louvres which replaced our old window.  When we decided to renovate the main bathroom, laundry and toilet this year we contacted Salt K&B again as we had been so happy from from 2016.  They are so professional, friendly and helpful. 

Mark, our Site Manager, continually communicated with us and we always knew which tradespeople were to arrive on what day. 

Heath helped us out with ideas for layout and Sue with selection of tiles and accessories.  We are so happy with these new areas, just completed, and are very happy with our choices, this time we chose pops of colour with the neutral base and had the old bathroom window replaced with louvres again,after being so happy with them in the ensuite. 

We would highly recommend Salt K&B to anyone considering renovations.