Living through another renovation was making us hesitant to renovate our wet areas until someone recommended Salt Kitchens & Bathrooms and we’re pleased to say that a meeting with SALT changed all of that.

SALT appoint a Project Manager (PM) to manage the project from start to finish, including, the checking and management of all the goods as they are delivered, quality control of the trades, clean up at the end of each day, updating the client on what is to happen the next day, what trades to expect onsite etc. The PM “owns” the project.

We met with Heath, who made the design process simple and before too long we had agreed on the design and had the quote.

A renovation project can be so disruptive and frustrating, having trades walking in and out creating chaos and damaging your property. SALT took care to cover our floors with 2-3 layers of protective materials and to protect doorways and/or furniture etc.

Mark, our assigned project manager, was the man who came to the rescue and took control of all the day to day renovation hassles. Every day we would be updated on the progress of the project, what would be happening the following day, when to expect the trade/s to arrive etc etc.
If something appeared to be different to what we expected, we simply called Mark, he would make some calls and report back with the situation resolved. Mark was “cool, calm and collected” at all times and never displayed any sign of frustration to us…..his clients.

The team at the showroom were very helpful and put up with my constant change of products. They didn’t mind that I was going all over town choosing various products and that they would be managing the quotes, ordering, delivery and supply of these products. Nothing was too much trouble.

The SALT team All had a keen eye for detail and finish. Our PM, Mark, certainly displayed this with his watchful eye on all the trades as they executed their particular skills, ie. Demolition, electricians, plumbing, Tiling, painting etc.

We also found our project Timeline most helpful as it gave us a checklist for planning and managing our own expectations as to what would be done over the coming week etc., it was a great tool to use when discussing the upcoming days/weeks with our PM.

Our project was a renovation of the bathroom, ensuite and laundry. It was important to us that we continued to live in our home while the renovation took place!! SALT suggested a “portable ensuite” would give us shower and toilet facilities, and it worked out very well for us, making it possible to stay in our home for the duration.

The value of having a Project Manager should not be under estimated, it is the only way to “enjoy” a renovation project.

Thank you to all the SALT team. We did “enjoy” our project and now have a beautiful new Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry, finished to a high standard, that we love to use.