Why You Should Renovate Your Laundry Room

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The home improvement revolution has made interior designers of us all. We now have the freedom to create spaces that closely reflect our personality, values, and day to day lifestyle needs, and this goes for every corner of the home. But hold it there a moment. Have you overlooked the laundry? If you have, you are not alone.

The laundry is often the hardest working room in the house, yet it is frequently overlooked when it comes to remodelling.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the first picks when it comes to planning renovations, but with clever and affordable designs, the laundry can be more than just a busy room that sits at the back of the house.

The laundry room is for washing, but it can serve more than one purpose. It can offer extra storage space, double as a workspace, a project area, or a place for pet grooming. If you are in a small home and the laundry is taking up valuable living space, streamlining it can really help. With efficient appliances, adequate shelving, and fold down ironing boards, your laundry can become a place of calm and order.

Here are some Laundry Renovation Ideas

Laundries are wet areas and as such, they require a professional tradesperson such as a plumber when making any structural changes. Salt KB offers the best quality tradespeople as well as a team of design advisors so you can upgrade your laundry area to a fully multi-functioning room. Here are some changes you could make.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

If your washer or dryer needs an upgrade consider buying them as a pair so you can have them fitted to the area. Placing the dryer over the washing machine is economical on space. A front-loading machine works well if you have floor space to open the door and load the machine comfortably while a top loader suits a narrower room.

Fresh Shelving

Tired, worn or gaudy shelving and cabinetry can be replaced with fresh contemporary designs. Combine natural elements such as timber and stone, as well as clear glass surfaces that reflect light and increase a feeling of space. Storage for cleaning products which keeps them out of sight as well as safely away from little ones is also a great idea.


Remodelling your floors can transform the laundry and make it easier to clean. If you have worn linoleum or tiles, consider a change. Salt KB can help you pick out fresh floor coverings that match your new aesthetic while keeping within your budget and retaining functionality.

Sinks and Taps

Stainless steel surfaces combined with a fresh coat of paint can lift even the most dated laundry room. A fresh sink and taps allow you to custom fit the size you need as well as choose a new design. Add wicker or canvas laundry baskets and a potted plant and you will feel fresh every time you walk into the room.


If you have a theme that runs through your home, don’t stop at the laundry. Whether it’s vintage, bright and colourful or classic black and white fabrics, take the themes in your home and apply them to your laundry curtains, ironing board covers, and more. Many cleaning and home care products are beautifully packaged these days, especially where they are eco-friendly. Install open shelving and display these products to lift the mood of the room.

A functional laundry is essential to the running of your home but a laundry that also makes you smile is even better. Contact Salt KB to find out how we can help you create your bespoke laundry. Talk to us for more information about our remodelling and renovation services or explore our laundry projects


salt kitchens and bathrooms